Rug Cleaning Services

At Oriental Rug Cleaning Boca Raton, we like to call ourselves Boca Raton’s finest rug cleaning company. We say this with confidence because we really love cleaning rugs by hands…


Rug Repair Service

Rug repair and restoration is what we do all day. Not every rug we clean needs to be restored but for the rugs that do need to be restored we offer this service.Rug repair and restoration…


Pet Odor & Stain Removal

Pet Odor Removal Boca Raton is what has kept us in business for all these years. We love our furry friends but sometimes they make mistakes and although it is an inconvenience…


Rug Customisation

Rug resizing seems to be something we do a lot these days. Sometimes people are downsizing and don’t want to buy a new rug so they have us pick up the rug, clean….


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Rug Cleaning Processes

Rug Padding

Rug repair and restoration protecting your investment is important when it comes to rugs which is why we offer our custom cut rug padding service. Rug Cleaners Boca Raton wants to help protect your rug and floors as long as we can and the best way to do that is through padding because it prevents your rug from shifting and scratching your floors.

Rug Color Correction

Rug Color Correction Boca Raton  is an  additional  service  we  offer.  If you happen to have a flood or spilled some  liquid on your rug and a  darker  color transfers  into a  lighter  color we can  remove  the color that had migrated and fix the color issue.

Rug Customisation

We want to assure you that if you feel this way that isn’t a problem too big for us. Our rug resizing service is mostly given to us by the many designers that we do work for. The rug is purchased, we pick it up and make the rug the size the homeowner and designer wants it to be.

Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning Boca Raton If you have any questions about our rug cleaning process please give us a call. Also, please look around our site and see our many videos and images of our rug cleaning process.

Rug Cleaning Service Boca Raton

Rug Cleaning Boca Raton would like to welcome you to our site where our speciality is hand washing silk and wool rugs. We treat every rug cleaning job we do as an unique project because not all rugs are made the same way nor are the fibers dyed the same. This is the reasoning behind why we choose to hand wash the rugs. Our team of rug cleaning specialist have been with us for a long time. They are highly trained in their areas of speciality in the rug cleaning or restoration of rugs. Our method of rug cleaning is to have the rug returned to its soft nature when it is dried. In order to get this task done, we ensure there is no residue left in the fibers, allowing the rug to resoil quickly. We invite you to browse through our previous work and see for yourself that the photos we have are real and these are the people that will be cleaning, repairing your rugs, and answering your phone calls. We love what we do! We are a real rug cleaning plant.

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“You’re services went above and beyond what I expected. I know that you were referred to us from our neighbor and he said your services were great, I think that was an understatement. ”

D. Parrish

“I am new to South Florida and I had these white wool rugs that my brother brought back from Turkey when he was on a military duty. Needless to say when I moved into my new place I wanted them to look new but my main concern was could they ever look nice again.”

Grant M

“Thank you so much. I appreciate the great service you have been giving me. I’ll let you know when the rugs can be delivered. This whole remodeling process is much worse than I ever could have imagined…dust everywhere, I’m so glad I sent the rugs out to you for cleaning. I’ll have more to clean after the first of the new year. ”

Patricia O’Neill